Apr 232013

The purchase you transact today on credit will grow in debt tomorrow and the next day! Credit is Debt; however, R1 credit will also empower you to access the better things in life.

Learn to use credit wisely! Interest is relentless, it will change and grow. Credit also gives access to many things that add fun and enjoyment to our lives. The trick is learning how credit works, the rules credit grantors operate by.

Credit comes in many forms –credit cards and personal loans, overdraft protection, installment plans and many more!

How do you position yourself to get approved for the best terms of service and interest rates?

When you are ready to go for credit, be a smart shopper. Lenders or Creditors are here to lend or extend credit, as long as YOU are a Safe Risk.   Are YOU a good bet? Are YOU going to pay them with Interest and on Time?

Your Credit Report is the most important document in the overall process of getting approved for credit at the best interest rates. Your Credit Rating which is reported on your Credit Report is usually the first document the credit granter will check. Once, you have R1 Credit Rating, banks, loan outlets and credit card companies will welcome you with open arms. Now, you can be a smart shopper, because, you have the credit report they want to see!

You have mastered the ability to qualify for credit at the terms YOU Want. WIN AT THE CREDIT GAME.

Learn the secrets to help lenders grant you all the credit you ever ask for on your terms!

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