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Credit is a privilege not a right!

I am here to demystify Credit for you. As a consumer of credit, you need to know how it all works. You might think there is awful lot information on the internet – True

But, do you know how it all works behind the scenes? Do you have the time to basically learn a new profession? Yet, this is something that has an immediate impact on your everyday life.

  • Lenders may use your credit report information to decide whether you can get a loan and the terms you get for a loan (for example, the interest rate they will charge you).
  • Insurance companies may use the information to decide whether you can get insurance and to set the rates you will pay.
  • Employers may use your credit report, if you give them permission to do so, to decide whether to hire you.
  • Telephone and utility companies may use information in your credit report to decide whether to provide services to you.
  • Landlords may use the information to determine whether to rent an apartment to you.

You are constantly told how important it is to have good credit – what is good credit? How do you get there? What are the rules? Do you have hours and hours to learn the rules and then actually use them? Probably not!

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Part 2

Think of it this way! You knew it was fun and necessary to drive, so you went to driving school and learned the rules of the road. Got tested and passed! If, you didn’t learn to drive and the rules of the road, the outcome would be downright life threading and definitely not much fun. Yet, most consumers of credit never even know the rules and regulations and even more important how do lenders/credit granters do their jobs! And, if you think that the bank officer that you speak to is actually aware of the credit guidelines of their own institution – think again! The average bank representative’s responsibility is to promote and sell the bank’s products – that’s what they get paid for. The person that actually decides is behind the scene probably in a different state and time zone.

Most of us apply for credit and hope for the best! It is time to Be Proactively Credit Wise!

Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Consolidation Loans, Mortgages, Car Loans, Home Equity Loans all of these are approved by different standards by the same bank or finance company.

The Easy Button for Your Credit Questions


Part 3

I have been involved in this industry for over 20 years, starting at Equifax and moved on to different types of lending and collection positions. Yes, I am a Senior Credit Analyst, in other words – I am that faceless person that makes the decision, if you are going to get approved and how much of a risk is my company willing to take on you. As a lender/credit granter I love to see consumers with R1 credit reports, but how do you know what R1 is and how do you get there? So, you have to know the rules and how to get there. You took lessons for driving safely, now is the time to learn how to navigate your credit report to a R1. Learn the industry secrets from a professional lender to help lenders grant you all the credit you ever ask for!

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Part 4

I am a real person here to offer all the help you need to WIN AT THE CREDIT GAME, by purchasing my short and simple e-books and e-articles, plus 3 questions and answers. All included in the purchase price.

Finally, a real person on your side to listen to your questions, problems or better still to get you to the same level the lending officers operate at.

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