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Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Cristina Yasakci, BA,BCom
A Senior Credit Manager and Financial Administrator with 20 years of experience in the corporate world with the many facets and functions of Credit Granting and Credit Collections, such as:
Consumer & Commercial Lending
Home Equity Loans
3rd Party Collections

Started my Credit Career at Equifax and a member of CAGT. My decision to merge my expertise and corporate insight created a unique opportunity for credit consumers to have a professional credit specialist to consult with. Offering the opportunity to level the playing ground with one truly dedicated expert upholding the highest professional standards and yet offering practical Teaching you the answers to your credit questions.

An advocate of total quality management, that has a strong commercial awareness of the necessary integration of credit management with the other functional activities of business. A firm champion of the contribution of credit management to profitability growth and to overall life enhancement through educated credit decisions.

CRISTINA’S CREDIT SENSE relates to not only those directly involved in credit granting and debt collection, but also those individuals and organisations performing allied functions. Credit strategies whose business activities encompass all-embracing practical achievements.


CRISTINA’S CREDIT SEMINARS targets the General Public, Professional as well as Corporation. I am a Sociable and Enthusiastic Teacher and I have been conducting Credit Seminars for over 20 years.

A friendly, easy-going personality is supported by a thorough systematic and organized approach to problem solving, where team involvement in the achievement of planned results is encouraged. A proven team motivator – Teacher – Coaching for Success!

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To extend credit, lenders use your credit score to determine if you are a reliable candidate. Lenders can also use your credit score to set the interest rate that you will pay to borrow money.


The formula is a statistical translation of the credit history from your credit report and public records. A credit score is a three-digit score from 300 to 900.

The higher scores reflect the probability that you will not become delinquent with your credit payments.


The credit score is an important indicator of your creditworthiness. Many high volume lenders grant credit based solely on your credit score.


Your credit report is updated on an ongoing basis, your credit score is recalculated continuously.

Here are a few pivotal points on what credit scores are based on:

Payment history – Indicates whether you have made your credit card payments, loan payments and other payments on time

  • Amounts owed – Compares how much you owe to your credit limits with various lenders
  • Length of time on file – Indicates how long you have had credit accounts
  • New credit – Shows how often you are looking for new credit and how you handle accounts you have recently opened
  • Type of credit – Considers the type of loans you have – car loans, lines of credit, credit card limits

Here are a few pivotal points on how to keep your credit score high

  • Pay all of your bills on time, at least the minimum payment.
  • Do not let your account go to a collection agency.
  • Do not run your balances up to your credit limit.
  • Keep your account balances below 75% of your available credit.

Want to learn more – see: Credit Scores – How Do The Numbers Add-up

Jan 012011

Are you wondering what steps you can take right now to improve your credit dramatically?

Learn the secrets other people only wish they knew. Tough, but far from impossible! You will be saving time, money and preventing a repeat of the same mistakes.

It is imperative that you first re-establish a good credit score and improve your credit profile before you even think of applying for credit.If you have no credit, poor credit, very bad credit or recent bankruptcy, all of these problems can be improved upon in due course. It would take about 12 to 24 months and the proper steps to get on the road of “good credit”.

Here are a few things you can do that will help you restore your credit profile:

  • Limit the number of inquiries on your credit report, each inquiry you will lower your credit score.
  • Use a mortgage broker when applying for a loan or mortgage to eliminate the number of inquiries on your credit file.
  • Maintain your employment and residence status for at least TWO years.
  • DO NOT carry your credit card balances near, at or over the credit limit – such activity will lower your credit score
  • Pay your minimum payments on time and in full as required by your monthly statement. Credit reports will show how many times you have been 30, 60, or 90 days late.
  • Apply for a secured credit card that reports to the credit reporting agencies.
  • Avoid pre-paid credit cards, they do not report to the credit reporting agencies.
  • Department Store and Gas Credit Cards are relatively easy to qualify for.
  • car loan or lease is one of the best ways to start to re-establish your credit.
  • Your debt service ratio is another key factor that lenders will consider.
  • Do not apply to too many cards at once. Once, approved for one card or loan, DO NOT rush out and apply for several more.
  • Let your accounts age.
  • Only borrow what you can afford.

Want to learn more – see:

  1. Repairing Your Credit Report with Easy Steps
  2. Secrets to Building Great Credit
Jan 012011

Your credit report is one of the most important documents that make an impact on the quality of your life! A good credit report is an invaluable source of information. You may not have to seek credit and yet you still need a good credit report. Institutions accessing your credit report can vary from credit card companies to your doctor’s office to landlords, cell phone companies and law enforcement.

You are empowered to control this situation by learning the rules by which you are measured. Learning the rules of how credit works will put you in control of the situation. YOU will be in the driver’s sit, negotiating with your creditor. And, the good thing is that most of us can achieve this, once you learn rules by which the credit granting industry works by. Remember they want to give your money, but YOU have to convince them that you are going to pay them and by the terms of the contractual agreement.

Your credit report is a record of your past borrowing and repaying history. It offers vital information about your credit history. Credit reporting agencies simply record the information your creditors submit. A credit report summarizes past creditors’ experiences with a consumer. Information from the file is obtained by prospective lenders to help them determine whether someone is a good credit risk. The creditor actually rates your account.

Financial institutions considering your creditworthiness use this information measure YOUR credit worthiness. It helps creditors to determine whether a potential customer is a good credit risk. And, this translates to the interest rate you will charge.

The Higher The Risk = The Higher The Interest Rate!

 Judgements or bankruptcies are part of the public records which are listed on your credit report, also accounts placed for 3rd party collections.

You can enter a personal statement, which will become a permanent part of your credit report. This is where you can explain your side of the story! But, remember professional lenders respect the decisions and opinions of their fellow lenders more than someone explaining why they didn’t pay. The lender gave their money in good faith expecting it back.

You should obtain a copy of your personal credit report and verify the information your creditors are receiving about you is accurate, at least twice a year. If you find errors in your credit report, notify the credit bureau in writing.

There is no way to remove accurate negative information on your credit report, except through time. Adverse information will remain on your report for 7 years from the date of last activity. Note! The credit grantor designates the account as in house collection and eventually the account will be send to a 3rd party collection agency, which in turn will post the information separately on your credit report. (Dates can vary per State)

 Want to learn more – see: Complete Credit Guide – Insider Information


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Let me help YOU Succeed in the Credit Game through a series of E-articles and E-books. Use Credit for YOUR OWN PROFIT.

I am a Professional Lender; I spend my days lending money

It stresses me when I see people hurting their chances, through the lack of INSIDER KNOWLEDGE – CREDIT INDUSTRY SECRETS

Let me guide you to a new reality – Let’s level the playing field.

Let me help YOU Succeed in the Credit Game through a series of E-articles and E-books. Use Credit to YOUR PROFIT.

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Get into the Secret World of Credit Granting. Learn the Rules Credit Grantors play by!

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Imagine facing your banker and YOU telling them what YOU want and GETTING IT, with a smile!

CREDIT GRANTORS want to GRANT CREDIT, after all that is their business.
Guess what? YOU are stopping them. Yes, you read right!

They are business people – the more educated you are about credit, the better they would respect you and want to do business with you.
Learn the secrets to help the lenders grant YOU ALL THE CREDIT YOU EVER ASK FOR at YOUR TERMS. NOT Knowing the rules of the credit game is stopping the lenders from GIVING you what YOU WANT.

Here is YOUR CHANCE to learn from a PROFESSIONAL LENDER, that faceless person at the end of the phone line or computer terminal that your banker talks to. Your Bank Manager, Bank Teller is not a – Credit Granter. Chances are you will never meet the actual decision maker, but you just stepped in their world and they have something YOU WANT. You are on their turf, now!

YOU NEED to Learn the Rules CREDIT GRANTORS make their decisions by! Level the playing field….


Use Cristina’s Credit Sense as your co-pilot.


Here is YOUR CHANCE to access the secret world of credit granting and beat them at their own game.

EmPower yourself to get ALL THE CREDIT YOU EVER
WANTED by using the industry secrets of the CREDIT GAME.


Here is your opportunity to level the playing field, before facing your Lender

Learn industry secrets from a Professional Lender

Cristina’s Credit Sense will Educate you in How the Credit Industry works

We DO NOT give Advice, but offer the knowledge to Succeed in WINNING AT THE CREDIT GAME

It isn’t fair, but it is a Fact

The higher your credit scores are the better you are treated –


Can you Live without a Credit Co-Pilot? Just, think of this…

It is a person’s responsibility to read their contracts before signing them, and most people do not. The contracts are long and written in complicated “legalese”. It is easy to not see important clauses. This should help your insomnia, right? Well, it will cost you in the long run. You just signed a legal contract without reading all of the terms.

Your first FREE lesson:

Did you know the following about your credit agreements:

• Making the minimum payment on a debt only covers the interest charges, and makes it impossible to pay off the actual balance owing.

• When you take out a cash advance you accrue interest charges on it from the moment the cash is withdrawn, not from the date of the bill.

• When buying anything on an installment plan (buy now, pay later), after the “no interest” grace period is over, all the interest that is not paid is then added to the account balance. The new interest rate could be up to 29%.

• Balance protection insurance only covers the minimum payment when a person is sick or loses their job. It will not pay off the outstanding balance, and interest is still charged.

Lesson over

Now, Take a good look at where you are! Do YOU think YOU need a Credit Co-Pilot?

If your Answer is YES:

And, you are ready to Learn and EMPOWER YOURSELF, then YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE…..


Here is your opportunity to access a full service Credit Education. I offer expert practical solutions, to help you to navigate through any and all of your credit questions and concerns towards HIGH CREDIT SCORES! Provide a non-judgmental environment to empower you to achieve your CREDIT DREAMS FOR LIFE.


Offering you credit E-articles and E-books.

Response to your Questions and Concerns in an interactive environment to an in depth Credit Strategy to EmPower yourself the opportunity to WIN AT THE CREDIT GAME for life.

CRISTINA’S CREDIT SENSE stands for Reliability, Mutual Respect, Professional Integrity – Ethically and Confidentially. Knowledge from this empowering and educational journey will EmPower YOU to WIN AT THE CREDIT GAME for the rest of your life.

Getting a copy of your credit report is a SNAP. Understanding your credit report is NOT!

The future of your Credit Success begins here and now

Now is not the time to take off without your Co-Pilot


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